How to Make Nursing Scrubs and Nursing Footwear Fashionable

Nursing scrubs and nursing footwear aren’t the most figure-flattering. However, you can still make your medical uniform fashionable by keeping a few tips in mind, so that you’ll look and feel your best on the job. Remember some of the tactics you use to pick out your off-duty clothing could make your scrubs and nursing footwear just a little more trendy.

When you’re looking through scrub selections to purchase, choose a color that complements your skin tone. Most nursing scrubs and nursing footwear companies offer more colors than green (for scrubs) or neutral colors like black or white (for shoes) these days, so select the shade that will blend well with your skin. To find your undertones, turn your hand up (with your palm facing you) and look at the veins in your wrist. If you see mostly blue or green shades, you have cool undertones. If you notice mostly yellowish tones, your undertones are warm. Individuals with cool undertones should choose nursing scrubs in colors like deep blue, hunter or sea foam green, or light gray. Nursing who have warm undertones should opt for burgundy or orange scrubs, or scrubs in a tan or brown shade. Purple scrubs tend to complement any skin tone, since the color is a mixture of both warm (red, burgundy) and cool (blue) shades.

If you choose a scrub shirt that is patterned, be sure that the colors in the pattern match your skin tones. For instance, if you work in a pediatric office, a gumball pattern that features pastel shades will go nicely with your cool undertones. For a general practice office, orange or dusty rose stripes are a stylish yet appropriate addition to your nursing scrubs if you have warm undertones. If you select a patterned shirt, make sure that your nursing footwear is a solid color like tan or white so that your uniform won’t look too “busy.”

It’s also important to purchase nursing scrubs that fit you correctly. Although scrubs are loose-fitting, be sure to choose a uniform that isn’t too loose, since this will give your figure more bulk. Scrubs that are too small will create excess creases and folds when you put them on, and create an unprofessional appearance. Check the clothes in your closet for a size reference and use this as a guideline so you’ll look presentable all day. Of course, your nursing footwear should be as comfortable as possible all day. You may find that you need a half a size larger than your regular shoes to give your feet enough space, since you’ll be standing for long periods of time and your feet may swell slightly.

Lastly, keep your accessories to a minimum and choose a hairstyle that complements your face shape, but doesn’t get in the way of your work. Stud earrings and a watch that isn’t too large are appropriate. For short hair, a pixie style that is neat and tapered is ideal; nurses with longer hair should wear a ponytail or bun. Slightly lifting the color of your hair can also brighten your complexion and keep your nursing scrubs and nursing footwear from appearing drab.

26 Sep 2012


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