Styles of Scrubs

Even though most hospitals and other institutions require that employees and medical professionals all wear the exact same clothes to set standards for employee appearance, there are still many different styles of scrubs to choose from when looking for an outfit for work. Specialized cuts of the fabric, types of fabric, and different brands are all part of the choices available to medical employees and each type should be investigated thoroughly to make sure it's right for medical work. Often medical professionals are forced to standard for the entirety of their shifts (sometimes even longer). This and a lot of sweating can really test the stamina of one' clothing.

Though most scrubs are unisex, medical professionals can find products made for just men and women. These products have different sizing that can make shopping a lot easier. Additionally, the waistline is cut much better for each sex. Women's will feature much wider hips, while men's will be much tighter relative to the waist. This frees up room in pants and also prevents any loose fabric that can easily be caught on equipment when trying to move quickly. This prevents accidents and just plain feels better. If anything, it's a little less weight to wear each day.

Some products are made for active working and others are made for more professional interactions. Most are a happy medium between these two types of work as often medical professional have to do both types throughout their day. These pants and tops are cut to mirror more classic style suits, while still being form fitting and short sleeved. If doctors or other medical professionals have a high amount of personal interaction with patients, certain styles can be found that are even more professional looking.

However, for medical professionals that really need to work in their clothing, there are styles, which are made for high levels of activity. These types of products usually have stronger waistbands and special Velcro at the cuffs to better form fit clothing to the body. These products forgo the addition of pockets and are much sleeker in appearance. The tops also are more vented and looser to reduce the amount of heat held in while working. They are an excellent choice for surgical personnel or nurses who spend most of their days standing. These products also feature more durable fabric for higher intensity washes for greater length of life. Every medical professional should have a balance of the two styles.

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Shopping for Medical Scrubs Online

When you buy medical scrubs or anything online doing a proper price comparison can save you a great deal of cash and difficulty. Unlike a regular store comparing only the price of a product is not enough to make a sound decision. In fact the product price is the last thing you need to compare. When comparing products at online stores you have to compare all the other costs and conditions such as shipping cost, contact information, customer service, and security and return policies. This is especially true when buying clothing such as scrub tops and uniforms when you can't try them on for fit before you buy. After you compare all the factors the product with the lowest price may actually be the most expensive.

The first thing you should look for when visiting a web site are the contact information, shipping policy and return policy. Each should be easy to find on the home page and easy to get to with no more than one click of the mouse. You should not have to hunt for this information. If you have to hunt for these you should be weary of making a purchase from this site. Always remember that every item on a web site is placed in a certain place for a reason - either to make it easy for you to find or not.

Contact information should be easy to find and should include a phone number that you can call. The phone number should be clearly displayed on the home page and every other page of the web site. You may have a question when on the product page and you do not want to leave that page to go look for the phone number. Credible companies want to encourage you to call them with any questions you may have. Others may not want you to call. You may also need to refer to the contact information after your purchase.

Shipping policies should be short and written very plainly. It should tell you how the products are shipped and by what method. Any geographical exceptions should be clearly stated. For example is Alaska and Hawaii considered domestic shipping? Can it be shipped to Canada or international? Do you have the option of next day delivery or express delivery? Most importantly it should tell you exactly what the cost of shipping is going to be for every option. Free shipping is always best. Shipping cost has to be added to the cost of the product price. For example: product #1 is $28.99 and product #2 is 19.99. When comparing the prices it seems like product #2 is a better deal, however product # 1 offers free shipping and # 2 has a shipping cost of $14.99. Total cost of #2 now becomes #34.98 almost $6.00 more than #1.

Finally read the return policy. Under what conditions can you return an item? This is particularly important with clothing and medical scrubs. Can you return it if you try it on and it doesn't fit? Some return policies state that only unopened packages can be returned. In this case you are stuck with a uniform that is unusable. Who is responsible for the return shipping? In most cases the customer is responsible and this should be clearly stated in the return policy. Finally look for a restocking fee. Some web sites will charge you up to 25% restocking fee when you return a product. These charges also need to be considered when making a decision to buy.

Next time you go shopping online look at the shipping, return policy and contact information first before you consider the cost of a product. The placement and language of these policies may make you decide to shop elsewhere without even looking at the products. They should make you want to buy at that site but be sure you add the extra cost in the cost of the product.

Medical Scrubs and Nursing Uniforms at a Fair Price!

You Deserve Medical Scrubs and Nursing Uniforms at a Fair Price! After all, you chose a profession that helps people! We realize that, and respect your career choice, and want to offer you the very best deals on medical scrubs and nursing uniforms.

What are some facts that describe perfect medical scrubs?

* They must be comfy-comfortable enough for those double shifts!

* They don't wrinkle, no matter how long you wear them. (Hopefully you'll have a few extra pair in your locker after landing on this web page!)

* They are stain resistant.

* They are sand washed.

* They should be printed with bright colors or characters that naturally cheer up your patients and compliment your charming bedside manner!

* They should be mix and matchable, so you don't have to spend so much time decided what pants to wear with which top.

We know these things because this is our business, so stop researching. You've found what you need right here!

What are some facts that describe perfect nursing uniforms?

* Nursing uniforms should have v-necks for comfort.

* They should be reversible.

* They should be uni-sex (You never know when a friend may need you to lend him or her

a hand, or a shirt)

* They should have side slits to make it easy to bend and move around.

You've done the school work; you've burned the midnight oil, completed your internship and boy have you gone home with some sore feet from buying cheap shoes! No matter if you are wearing medical scrubs or nursing uniforms, you must consider your feet first! It would be difficult to serve your patients while limping along with a pinched toe or a blister from a substandard nursing shoe. Shoes are the crux of medical scrubs and nursing uniforms.

From top to bottom, your nursing scrubs or medical uniforms should meet the highest standards, complimented with the perfect shoe-giving you the gift not only of comfort but of affordability.

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Tips For Finding Cheap Nursing Scrubs

Whether or not you like wearing nursing scrubs, they are an inevitable part of working at a hospital or doctor's office. Even though it isn't always fun to shop for uniforms, the fact that there are now a wide variety of designer uniform brands gives nurses more freedom with their workday fashions. Of course the most popular labels are often the most expensive, which means you have to shop smart if you want to find cheap nursing scrubs in the hottest styles. Here are some quick tips for making your dollar stretch farther when shopping for your uniform needs.

Shop Online

Without question the best deals available are offered by the many online uniform stores. The internet has dramatically changed how most people buy their scrubs. Nurses are no longer limited to the small selection and inadequate sizes found in retail stores. Without having to rent store space and pay for additional staff, online stores are able to offer significant discounts to shoppers. Combine this with the fact that they often have rare sizes and styles in-stock everyday, and you have the perfect outlet for getting exactly what you want at the best possible price.

Clearance Sales

The medical uniform industry is slowly beginning to resemble traditional consumer fashions with designer labels and seasonal trends. With all of the new products and labels coming on the market it means that stores have to work hard to keep their inventory fresh. This means discounting the old scrubs to make way for the new ones. Bargain hunters can find great deals at the clearance sales held at the end of each season. The biggest discounts are usually found in transitional seasons like spring and fall when the outside environment calls for a wardrobe change. If you can afford to shop ahead then it makes sense to stock up on next years' needs while the prices are low.

Coupon Sites

When you think of coupons you probably don't think of discounts for nursing uniforms, but there are plenty of special promotions to be found if you search the internet. There are hundreds of coupon websites that keep track of ongoing coupon codes and specials at your favorite scrubs suppliers. It only takes a quick search of the store or brand name you are looking for to come up with a nice selection of discount offers. You can even find sites that deal exclusively with medical uniforms and feature only coupon codes from retailers.


When you really want to find cheap scrubs there is no better place to look than eBay. At any given time there are hundreds of listings for new and used scrubs at closeout prices. The only negative is that you have to sort through all of these auctions looking for your specific tastes and sizes, which can be quite time consuming. Nonetheless, if you are on a tight budget then this is probably the best place to start.

We all want to look our best when we are at work, and now that nursing scrubs come in many different styles it is easy to add a creative touch to your workday look. But looking your best doesn't always have to be expensive if you use the tips listed here for getting quality uniforms at cheap prices. Just remember to shop online and compare prices across all of your options.

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History of Scrubs

Scrubs are commonly used by doctors and nurses nowadays but this was not the case many years ago. Surgical attire or scrubs take their name from the "scrubbed" environment which is essential before surgery. Ensuring cleanliness in preparation for surgical procedures is vital to the health and well-being of patients. A sterile environment must be preserved so doctors, nurses and other operating staff clean their hands and arms properly by scrubbing.

Unlike nurses who were required to wear uniforms, early surgeons didn't use any special garments. Surgical procedures were made in an operating theater and the surgeon merely wore his street clothes that were covered by a butcher's apron to protect them from blood stains. In those days, the surgeon used his bare hands and non-sterile instruments and supplies to operate. This is a far cry from modern surgery that emphasizes cleanliness. Back then, successful surgeons were identified by the extent of blood stains on their clothes.

At first, operating room attire was white to emphasize cleanliness. But the unlikely combination of bright operating lights and an all-white environment produced eyestrain for the surgeon and his staff. By the 1960s, many hospitals changed their white operating room apparel to different shades of green. This gave a high contrast that reduced eye fatigue and made blood stains less noticeable.

The modernization of surgical attire occurred in the 1970s with the coming of the short-sleeved V-necked shirt and drawstring pants or a short-sleeved calf-length dress made of green cotton or cotton/polyester blend. Complementing this was a tie-back or bouffant-style cloth cap, a gauze or synthetic textile mask, a cloth or synthetic surgical gown, latex gloves and closed-toe shoes. This uniform was originally called "surgical greens" because of its color but eventually came to be known as scrubs.

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Holiday Scrubs For All Occasions and Seasons

Who would have ever thought that hospital scrubs will change from the monotonous whites and blues to vibrant pink, mauve, red and peach? Although formal, medical attendants no longer look formidable and morose. On the contrary, in bright shades and colorful prints, they appear quite cheerful and approachable. All credit goes to holiday scrubs! The introduction of medical scrubs in holiday prints has changed the hospital ambience to a great extent. Although the work performed by the medical personnel is the same as before, the feel is definitely different.

Holiday Scrubs: Themes and Patterns
Certain hospitals and clinics have dress codes that include basic colored scrubs. However, some places of employment follow a flexible policy and allow their workforce to wear prints and designs of their choice. If you are working in a flexible medical organization, you can avail the option of wearing seasonal and holiday scrubs.

Holidays depend on your ethnic background and religion, among other factors. However, chances are high that you will be able to find a scrub of your preference at a reputed online retail outlet. Some of the common holiday prints are as follows:

Christmas scrubs - Spice up the festive season with one of those attractive scrubs found in the online market. With prints of Santa Clauses, hollyhock leaves with berries, Christmas trees and mistletoe, this kind of scrub can create a festive environment in the workplace and prove quite fascinating for the kids.

Halloween scrubs - This is one of the favorite holidays of the West. This kind of apparel would be spooky and colorful, most probably in shades of black and red. You can take your pick from among the host of ghost, vampires, witches, cat and bat prints.

Valentine scrubs - The special day for all those in love can be expressed with medical uniforms with heart prints and the V-word scrawled across the scrub tops and pants. These apparels are available in all sorts of colors, from the typical red and pink to purple, orange and even blacks. A rose printed top and pants will also befit this celebration of love.

Holiday scrubs are also found in seasonal designs. The summer scrubs have the perfect blend of bright summery colors and floral prints. You can choose light colors to wear on the hottest day of the month. For fall or winter, you can choose darker shades, such as navy blues, browns and greens.

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