Best Scrub Colors for Your Healthcare Facility

Your medical scrubs should reflect the brand of the clinic or hospital you work for, and should also reflect your personal sense of style as much as is appropriate. The colors and designs that you choose can help to make your patients feel more at ease while in your care, so using color psychology can help to improve your patient’s state of health. Your medical scrubs can also enhance the professional reputation of your medical facility.

Yellow. When you see the color yellow, your mood is automatically boosted. This is exactly what patients with serious illnesses or in hospice care need to see. In addition to the expert care and guidance you’ll provide, seeing a bright and cheery color will help to encourage patients during treatment. This makes yellow scrubs perfect for a children’s hospital or pediatric clinic as well, since the color can cheer children up who may be nervous about an operation or receiving shots. Just be sure that the yellow is not too overwhelming; for instance, “caution tape” yellow can be harsh on the eyes. A pastel or sunny yellow is best.

Blue. Blue is a color that denotes stability and trust. If you work in a medical facility where the doctors perform operations often, wearing blue scrubs is a good idea. The hue gives patients the impression that they’ll be in capable hands, and could make them feel more comfortable during their consultation and post-treatment appointments. If you work in a family practice office or a place where patients of varying ages are treated, a light or medium blue is both upbeat and tranquil. A darker, more sophisticated shade of blue like navy or cobalt is ideal for an office that treats adults and provides invasive surgery and treatments.

Black. Black scrubs are chic and give you a polished appearance. Consider this color if you work in a medical spa or plastic surgery facility. Medical scrubs in black are fashionable and stylish, but still look professional and are a departure from “traditional” scrubs, which are usually in a pale green or blue shade. Black is also slimming, even if you’re wearing a medical uniform, and will automatically give patients the impression that the surgeries or treatments they receive at your clinic will yield positive results.

Red. Intense energy and warmth are the sentiments that people experience when they see the color red. Variations of red, like orange or dusty rose, are fitting for a women’s clinic, since the hues are pretty and feminine, and promote a sense of comfort. Women also feel like they can relate to these shades—softer shades of red look good on almost any skin tone, and will subconsciously give patients the notion that you can care for them, regardless of their ailment.

26 Sep 2012


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